How it Works: Medical Marijuana and Eating Disorders (Anorexia)

Marijuana is quickly becoming the leading treatment for eating disorders due to the fact that it acts as a complete solution. The medical benefits of marijuana are quite extensive in treating anorexia in that they not only treat the condition directly (i.e. help increase appetite) but indirectly as well (i.e. helps lower anxiety, sleep deprivation, pains, etc). Continue reading “How it Works: Medical Marijuana and Eating Disorders (Anorexia)”

Treating Insomnia with Medical Marijuana Meditation

Ahhhh, sleeping well! Perhaps the greatest gift we can start our day with is that feeling of waking up with a fresh perspective, feeling well rested and having the will to take on whatever the day brings. Sleeping well is an active ingredient in living a healthy lifestyle. Patients of medical-grade marijuana have experienced the benefits first-hand of using this plant-based medicine as a sleep-aid when experiencing insomnia.

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