Complete Guide: Marijuana and Epilepsy (Seizures)

Epilepsy is a relatively common chronic neurological disorder that causes recurrent seizures over time. It is estimated that around 65 million people around the world live with the disease, with 3 million in the U.S. alone. Medical cannabis has proven to help reduce the instances of seizure and particularly helpful for patients that do not respond to anticonvulsants. Continue reading “Complete Guide: Marijuana and Epilepsy (Seizures)”

Company Overview: Aurora Cannabis

For our third volume of Company Overview, we focus on Aurora Cannabis. Licensed in February of 2015, Aurora was created to serve the medical cannabis community and prides itself on competitive pricing and exceptional patient service. These guys consistently have a nice selection of dried cannabis and cannabis oils and have recently started expanding its production capacity.
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Medical vs. Black Market Marijuana (Canada)

Marijuana has been around for thousands of years with research showing it has been used for medical purposes as early as 1500 BC. However, the black market in Canada came about when cannabis was banned. In 1923, Canada added marijuana to the Confidential Restricted List to the Narcotics Drug Acts Amendment Bill. Interestingly, cannabis wasn’t popular in Canada until the early 1960’s. Continue reading “Medical vs. Black Market Marijuana (Canada)”

Complete Overview: Cannabis and ADD/ADHD

Imagine having a very difficult time paying attention to others and making sense of what they are saying. Imagine being constantly restless, bored and ready to jump to the next thing. Welcome to the life of individuals with ADD/ADHD. This condition affects about 6-9 percent of children and young adults as well as about 5% of all adults globally. In this article, we will treat the two as the same condition and see how and why people use medical marijuana to treat this serious condition.

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Quick Guide: Medical Cannabis and Depression

Depression is a mental health disorder that affects over 350 million people worldwide. The world battling with depression has created a multitude of medication and treatments. These include anti-depression medication, electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) and different methods of psychotherapy – all with their own side effects and success stories. In recent years, new studies have shown that medical marijuana may be a better alternative to traditional treatments.

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