Back Pain and Cannabis – How it helps

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Medical cannabis can provide patients with significant back pain relief as well as ease other back pain symptoms.

What is Back Pain?

Back pain is essentially any type of pain that is felt in the back. Almost every single person experiences some type of back pain at some point in their lives. Back pain can be:

  • sudden
  • sharp
  • dull
  • chronic

Chronic and dull back pain often develops with age due to one’s spine changing over time. Sudden and sharp back pain often occurs due to an injury, accidental fall, or having hurt oneself while lifting a heavy object.

There are also several structural issues that can occur in the body that could cause back pain. These structural issues include:

  • abnormal spine curvature
  • osteoporosis
  • bulging discs
  • ruptured discs
  • sciatica
  • arthritis

    Back Pain Symptoms and Physical Effects

Back pain symptoms can be slightly uncomfortable, severely painful, or anywhere in between. In severe cases, back pain can become extremely debilitating.

Back pain symptoms vary according to the underlying cause of the pain. Bellow is a list of symptoms back pain patients experience:

  • a dull pain or ache in the lower back
  • difficulty walking
  • trouble standing up straight
  • difficulty sitting down or standing up
  • worsening of the back pain during and after prolonged periods of sitting or standing
  • muscle tightness and spasms in the pelvis, hips, and lower back
  • a stinging pain that spreads from the lower back to the backs of the thighs and sometimes all the way to the lower feet
  • irritability, moodiness, depression, and anxiety
  • issues sleeping

Types of Back Pain

There are several different back pain types. The main back pain types are listed below.

  • Radicular back pain
  • Mechanical back pain
  • Nociceptive back pain
  • Neuropathic back pain
  • Acute back pain
  • Chronic back pain

Back Pain Treatments

After the underlying cause of a patient’s back pain is identified, a physician will prescribe the most appropriate treatments method.

Conventional treatment options for back pain include various different surgeries, epidural steroid injections, and chiropractic treatment.

Epidural Steroid Injections

Epidural steroid injections are commonly used to treat and relieve back pain as well as other pains.

There are some risks involved when being treated with epidural steroid injections. Though these risks aren’t very probable, they can be quite severe. These risks include:

  • infection
  • allergic reaction
  • nerve damage
  • paralysis
  • bleeding

Chiropractic Treatment

Patients suffering from back pain often go to a chiropractor for treatment on a regular basis.

A chiropractor performs spinal manipulation. This is done through the application of a controlled and sudden force unto the patient’s spinal joint. To apply this force, the chiropractor either uses their hands or an instrument.

The purpose of spinal manipulation is correcting the patient’s structural alignment in order to improve the patient’s physical function.

Back Surgery

Surgery is performed on patients with severe and persistent back pain. Different surgeries for back pain include:

  • Spinal fusion
  • Discectomy
  • Artificial Discs
  • Laminectomy

How can medical cannabis help?

Not only can medical cannabis alleviate the severe pain and discomfort that’s experienced by back pain sufferers, but it can also help ease back pain symptoms like insomnia and depression.

Medical cannabis can provide back pain patients with a multitude of health benefits including:

  • pain relief
  • muscle spasm relief
  • reducing inflammation
  • alleviating insomnia
  • increasing appetite
  • alleviating nausea
  • improving mood
  • promoting overall wellbeing

A lot of back pain cases occur due to inflammation. Medical cannabis is famous for its potent anti-inflammatory properties.

Best Medical Cannabis Strains for Back Pain

Indica strains are effective pain relievers. Taking a low dose of an indica strain is considered to be the most effective method of taking cannabis for back pain. If indica strains are taken in high doses, the back pain could worsen.

That being said, the efficacy of a strain is largely dependent on the specifics of a patient’s case including the case’s severity and the patient’s symptoms. A few strains that have been known to be effective for back pain relief are:

  • OG Kush
  • Bubba Kush
  • Candyland
  • Headband
  • Skywalker OG

Medical cannabis could serve as a great back pain treatment for those in search of an effective treatment alternative that is safe, natural, and affordable.

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