Weekly Roundup: Hydropotechary partners with Segra, Valens Groworks begins productions, and more!

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The competition is tough in the cannabis industry as companies partner up, expand, research, innovate, and increase their production. This week, Hydropothecary partners with Segra, Tetra’s PPP001 receives Orphan Drug Designation, Aurora plans to export to Australia for research, and more!

Weekly Roundup 03/11/2018 – 03/17/2018

Hydropothecary Partners with Segra in Anticipation of Legalization

Hydropothecary and Segra have partnered up in an agreement to tie plant tissue culture propagation into the marijuana cultivation process. Segra will provide the partnership with their one and only technique in industrial-scale cannabis micropropagation.

This technique is a process that develops identical copies of the original cannabis plant while avoiding any fungi and eliminating the risk of pathogens or anything else that could afflict cannabis cultivation. Segra will establish a lab in Hydropothecary’s Quebec facility to initiate the process.

Once everything is in place, Segra’s know-how will dramatically increase Hydropothacary’s production of premium cannabis. Hydropothecary will then be well equipped to keep up with the ever-growing climate of the medical cannabis market as well as provide the company with enough product to supply the upcoming recreational market. This will allow Hydropothecary to meet cannabis demand with high-quality supply.

In regards to Hydropothecary’s previously announced expansions and developments, everything is up to speed and progressing smoothly. The company is steadily on its way to increase their production capacity to a whopping 108’000 kgs of pot per year.

FDA Grants Orphan Drug Designation to Active Ingredients in Tetra’s PPP001 Drug

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration granted Orphan Drug Designation to the active ingredients in Tetra Bio Pharma’s PPP001 in the treatment of complex regional pain syndrome. The Orphan drug designation is granted specifically to PPP001’s active ingredients but not the formulation.

The FDA’s Orphan Drug Designation program intends to provide preliminary placement to medicines created to treat uncommon disorders or diseases. These disorders or diseases affect less than 20’000 people in the United States. After the FDA approves the drug, the Orphan Drug Designation will grant Tetra Bio Pharma with the ability to market exclusively for seven years and provides Tetra with possible incentives. These incentives could include things such as potential entry to federal grants and tax credits.

Phase 1a and Phase 1b of PPP001’s clinical trials were carried out successfully by Tetra, concluding that PPP001 is perfectly safe to consume. As mentioned in one of our previous Weekly Roundups, Tetra’s PPP001 ultimately aims to treat pain and improve quality of life in cancer patients. Other recent developments for Tetra Bio Pharma include the appointment of a brand new director. Corporate finance and development executive, Benoit Chotard, who was also a previous member of the board of directors at Tetra has been welcomed back to the company as the new director.

Aurora Plans to Export Cannabis to Australia for Research Purposes

The Australian Government, Department of Health, granted Aurora Cannabis and PreveCeutical Medical Inc. with three permits for importing marijuana into Australia for research purposes. These three permits were admitted to Pharmacy Australia Centre of Excellence at the University of Queensland. The permits allow for shipments of cannabis to be imported solely for the purpose of research.

To go together with Pharmacy Australia Centre of Excellence’s new importation permits, Aurora has received the necessary exportation permits. The cannabis Aurora plans to export to Australia will be used to research the drug delivery of PreveCeutical’s soluble gel. UniQuest Pty Inc. has partnered with PreveCeutical and is conducting this research program. The aim of the research being conducted is to create a nose-to-brain delivery system that will boost the bioavailability of drugs.

The intention of PreveCeutical is to use soluble gel technology with cannabis in an effort to foster relief therapies aimed at a variety of symptoms. This development is huge for PreveCeutical as it will allow them to conduct the research necessary to find the best strain for the development and marketing of cannabinoid soluble gels.

Valens Groworks Corp Begins Cannabis Oil Extraction and Receives License Amendment

Last week Valens Groworks Corp, Canopy Growth’s extraction partner, started producing cannabis oil in Kelowna at its CO2 extraction facility. Starting out, Valens Groworks expects to be producing 400 liters per month at the Kelowna facility.

Valens Groworks was also recently approved, as an amendment to their dealer’s license, to manufacture and package cannabis oil products and supply them to licensed dealers and producers as well as approved clinical trials. The company is now the first licensed dealer to be officially approved to process and manufacture for licensed producers. This development lays down the groundwork for positioning Valens Groworks Corp as a leader among processors for the highly anticipated adult-use recreational market.

With medical research innovations and preparations for the recreational market happening simultaneously, it definitely is a dog eats dog world out there. Can’t wait to see what’s next.

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