Treating Insomnia with Medical Marijuana Meditation

Ahhhh, sleeping well! Perhaps the greatest gift we can start our day with is that feeling of waking up with a fresh perspective, feeling well rested and having the will to take on whatever the day brings. Sleeping well is an active ingredient in living a healthy lifestyle. Patients of medical-grade marijuana have experienced the benefits first-hand of using this plant-based medicine as a sleep-aid when experiencing insomnia.

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Indica vs Sativa Marijuana Strains (Infographic) – UPDATED

Most of us know that indica and sativa are two different marijuana strains (types or varieties as some call it) but very few of us actually know the difference between the two. That’s why we prepared this awesome infographic. As you’ll see, indica and sativa can be quite different, particularly with respect to their effects, uses, and flavors. Enjoy. Continue reading “Indica vs Sativa Marijuana Strains (Infographic) – UPDATED”

Legalization of Marijuana in Canada, What Will Trump Say?

It is no secret that the Canadian government and its regulatory bodies, namely Health Canada, are moving quickly with the legalization of marijuana. Although it is only legal for medical purposes at the present time under the ACMPR, recreational use is probably just around the corner but with one little hurdle. Well a big hurdle, Donal Trump.

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Cannabis Industry: Will 2017 Bring Green Returns?

The month of December 2016 was extremely remarkable for the cannabis industry. The Task Force on Cannabis Legalization and Regulation was organized by the government to study and propose recommendations on the best way to implement the legalization of marijuana for recreational use. The organization will also prepare a roadmap to achieve it by the end of 2018 or by early 2019.

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