Benefits of Medical Cannabis

If you want to start a controversial argument among doctors, scientists, researchers and the public in general, just bring up medical cannabis. There are many questions surrounding this mysterious drug that has been with us for thousands of years. Due to its illegal status in most countries, there has been little research regarding the plant, hence its full effects on the human body is not well understood. Continue reading “Benefits of Medical Cannabis”

Dosage and Equivalency Factor Guide – Marijuana & Cannabis Oils

With medical cannabis on the rise and recreational market just months away, cannabis research is accelerating faster than ever. Interestingly, scientists and medical professionals haven’t uncovered a standard daily dosage. Further, the equivalency factor from dried cannabis to other forms (oils, for example) is still not defined or fully backed by research. This short article will shed some light on the recommended dosage by Health Canada based on recent clinical research and community expertise.

Continue reading “Dosage and Equivalency Factor Guide – Marijuana & Cannabis Oils”

Veterans – Overview of VAC Reimbursement Program

Veterans Affairs Canada is amongst the first government entities in the world to offer coverage for medical marijuana. Being a pioneer in recognizing the plant as an alternative medicine, veterans have turned to marijuana when dealing with PTSD or in order to avoid taking harmful drugs like opioids for pain. VAC covers up to nearly $10,000/year. Continue reading “Veterans – Overview of VAC Reimbursement Program”