Whistler Medical Marijuana – Company Overview

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Whistler Medical Marijuana Corporation (Whistler Medical Marijuana or WMMC) is a licensed producer of medical marijuana operating in Whistler, British Columbia. The company provides dried marijuana as well as live plants and cannabis oils to patients as stipulated by Canada’s ACMPR. Whistler boasts of being the first licensed producer of 100% certified organic cannabis in Canada.

Whistler Medical Marijuana Corporation (WMMC) – Volume 021

About WMMC

Whistler Medical Marijuana is a licensed producer of medical marijuana and cannabis oils based out of Whistler, British Columbia. The company is partially owned by the renowned Cronos Group, a vertically integrated and diversified cannabis investment firm. Whistler operates a 12,500 square foot facility since receiving its first production license in February 2014. WMMC is the first in the industry to produce organic-certified cannabis in Canada.

WMMC Location and Facilities

Whistler Medical Marijuana runs a 12,500 square foot facility with a production capacity of 700kgs per year and the option to purchase the remainder of the property. If exercised upon, this option would increase the total production capacity to 33,000 square foot.

Whistler Medical Marijuana is preparing to break ground on a new 65, 000 square foot purpose-built expansion facility in Pemberton, which the management estimate to have a growth capacity of 6,500kg per year. The new facilities will be located just 20 minutes away from the company’s main facilities and have already been funded by one of its investors – Cronos Group. Phase II of the same project entails the construction of an additional 80,000 square foot indoor cultivation buildings with the option to expand to the 160 acres of land that sits next to the current facilities.

Whistler Medical Marijuana Licenses

Whistler received its original license to cultivate medical cannabis in February 2014 under the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (the “ACMPR”) in British Columbia. The license allowed Whistler to cultivate 700kgs of cannabis per year. The company received the license from Health Canada to sell cannabis oils on March 17, 2016.

WMMC Products

Whistler’s products are processed mildly without the uses of any volatile solvents, including alcohol, butane or CO2. Oil products are created physically by separating the cannabis resin from the plant material and then infusing the resin with organic olive and coconut oils.

Currently, the company offers nineteen specific strains, as well as twenty-six different types of cannabis oils to choose from, the largest selection in Canada and all these, are 100% certified organic.

WMMC Dried Cannabis Products

Product THC Content (%) CBD Content (%)
Hindu Kush 23.9 Less than 1
White Widow 21.5 Less than 1
Acapulco Gold 18.3 Less than 1
Tangerine Green 19.6 Less than 1
Devil Fruit 20 Less than 1
Skywalker OG Kush 18.1 Less than1
Blueberry Lambsbread 16.4 Less than1
Northern Tonic 7 12
Chronic Thunder 21.6 Less than 1
CBD Shark 9.13 Less than 1

WMMC Cannabis Oil Products

Product THC Content (mg/ml) CBD Content (mg/ml)
Acapulco Gold 19.6 0
BC Rockstar 24.8 0
Blueberry Lambsbread 27.4 0
White Widow 17.6 Less than 1
Overlord 21.2 7.4
Brandywine 19.7 5.4
CBD Shark 7.9 8.5
Jackfruit 25.9 0

Whistler Medical Marijuana Subsidiaries & Partnerships

Cronos Group Inc.

Cronos Group Inc. owns a 21.5% interest in Whistler Medical Marijuana Company (WMMC). Cronos is a diversified marijuana investment company based in Canada.

Veritas Pharma Inc.

On Feb 10, 2016, Veritas Pharma Inc, a Vancouver-based pharmaceutical company, named Whistler Medical Marijuana as its principal supplier of cannabis products. Vertias Pharma will be buying for the purpose of conducting lab testing for preclinical and clinical studies.

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