Marijuana Varieties

Medical marijuana comes in two primary kinds: Indica and Sativa. These two kinds have numerous landrace genetics from various parts of the globe. Within every one of those varieties, there are a lot of distinct strains of marijuana, each with a different medical effect and cannabinoid profile.

Sativa strains mature and grow much slower than Indica strains because they contain less chlorophyll content. Hybrid strains can be created if Indica strains are cross-bred with Sativa strains. These hybrid results will mature and grow differently, and their medical properties, Sativa/Indica content, and cannabinoid content will also vary. Cross-breeding is useful for the breeder to be able to generate strains that are tailored to each patient or grower’s individual needs. The market today is dominated by hybrid strains. – Medical Marijuana Authority

Topic 1 Pure Indica

In the beginning, this variety came from countries like Tibet, Morocco, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. These plants are dense and short, and their leaves are wide and usually have a darker shade of green because they contain a higher amount of chlorophyll. In addition, they have a lower amount of accessory pigments, which protect them from too much sun. Once the flowering buds develop, it will take six to eight weeks for them to fully grow. The flowers will grow dense and thick and will have various aromas, from fruity and sweet to pungent. It is more advisable to grow pure Indica plants indoors since they are short, and are not as tall as Sativa plants.

Pure Indica varieties have the highest relaxing, sedating, and pain-relieving effect. In fact, this is the variety that is commonly used by patients for extreme pain and insomnia. It produces a potent, cloudy kind of high.

Topic 2 Pure Sativa

This variety of marijuana comes mainly from countries near the equator such as Mexico, Colombia, and countries in Southeast Asia. They can grow as tall as twenty feet in just one season, which is why it is more advisable to grow them outdoors. Their leaves are a lighter shade of green compared to Indica strains, and their leaves are narrower. Once the flowering buds develop, it will take ten to sixteen weeks before they mature completely. Their flavors can be fruity, sweet, or earthy. They are quite rare because it is challenging to grow them, particularly outdoors or indoors in Canada. Since they are not very popular, it is also difficult to find Sativa seeds because sellers usually just like to stock the popular varieties.

Pure Sativa strains can cause irregular heartbeat and paranoia which is why patients rarely choose this variety for their treatment. If a patient consumes excessive pure Sativa, he or she will feel the same effects as produced by consuming excessive caffeine. 

However, these strains also have positive effects. They have an uplifting sensation which helps in stimulating appetite and relieving nausea, pain, fatigue, stress, and depression.

Topic 3 Ruderalis

This variety is a sub-species of marijuana, like Sativa and Indica. It hails from Russia, and has very unique properties. Its tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) content is very low, which is why it is rarely produced for recreational use. On the other hand, its cannabidiol (CBD) content is very high, which makes it highly popular for medical use. Ruderalis strains “auto-flowers.” This means that even if you grow it indoors and let it be under light for 24 hours straight, it will still grow flowers on its own inherent schedule. Thus, if a grower cross breeds it with a Sativa or Indica strain, it is highly possible that the resulting strain will also auto-flower and contain high CBD levels. Another property which makes Ruderalis plants great is that it is resistant to damage caused by plant diseases or pests.

Topic 4 Hybrid Indica

When considering medical usefulness, hybrid Indica strains are the most valuable and most widely used variety. The “Kush” strains of today’s market are a major example of hybrid Indica strains. They are highly popular mainly because they have numerous properties that are liked by both the patient and the grower. This is why a huge portion of medical marijuana available today is made up of hybrid Indica strains. Their CBD content is high due to cross-breeding them with Ruderalis strains, which makes them very useful for inducing sleep. Thus, they are mainly used by patients suffering from severe pain or inflammation, insomnia, and injury.

Topic 5 Hybrid Sativa

These strains have been cross-bred by a grower to produce certain properties such as specific stimulating effects, flavors, and aromas that Sativas are popular for. Usually, hybrid Sativa strains also contain some Indica genes, but the dominant profile is Sativa. Because of their uplifting qualities that do not come with the paranoia produced by pure Sativa, they are popular as medicine. They are best smoked during the day because they uplift and give you an energized vibe, and produce a “cerebral” kind of high. These variants are best for stimulating appetite and relieving symptoms of depression.

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